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Hi. Seems noone is writing much in here, but I thought I would join anyhow. =D I've been to a bunch of different places in NE Ohio, including HellTown, Gore Orphanage, The Witches Ball. I have recent daytime pictures from Helltown which includes the cemetary, some of the houses, the gas station, and the church. I also have some night time shots of Franklin Castle, but only one of them turned out really well. I've been planning on returning for more day time shots as it is within 5 minutes driving time from where I live. If anyone is interested in the pictures, just let me know and I will post some of them. When the weather warms up (and dries up) more I plan to take a few more trips to local legends for pictures. When I go on these mini-adventures, I will update with photos/details/stories.
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